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The 2 main stages were kitted out with a custom fabricated 9-seater curved top table and 2 lecterns. The front of the top table and lecterns had built in LED screens to display the presenters’ names, which followed them as they moved from lectern to table. This was all controlled in real time via the Vive Stage Management Wizard, which the client event team operated with ease.


We provided full-service production support and AV infrastructure for the CX Symposium, a long-established, world leading  medical symposium. 

The event was held over three days in three separate theatres with a jam-packed agenda consisting of over 400 presentations. The event itself was fully hybrid, which included every session being live streamed, live surgery via a two-way link, and many remote speakers incorporated.  With this number of presenters, and such a tight schedule, there was no room for error, and had to run with military precision.





The live stream was watched in over 50 countries and allowed viewers to submit questions straight to the top table, contributing to the truly global nature of the event. All individual presentation recordings were edited by our team and uploaded for instant on demand access on the client platform, with our edit suite processing over 800 video exports across the 3 days.

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