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Our solution was to equip three hosts with broadcast-quality, remotely operated filming equipment. By dispatching filming kits with branded backdrops—crafted from 30 recycled plastic bottles—to each host, we ensured seamless presentation delivery from the comfort of their homes.

Through meticulous rehearsals and dedicated tech support, hosts could focus solely on delivering engaging content, free from technical distractions. Behind the scenes, our green-room technician expertly managed the flow of 30 panellists and presenters, seamlessly transitioning them on and off stage throughout the three-day event. The result? An awe-inspiring showcase of smart design and professional execution, leaving both audience members and sponsors impressed with the event's polished presentation and consistent brand prominence.


At the Sustainable Leaders Forum, we were tasked with delivering a three-day, 100% online event that seamlessly blended professionalism with innovation. With a primary objective to host a dynamic sustainability conference and a glitzy awards show on the middle evening, our team met the challenge, catering to a discerning audience of over 600 attendees.





Photos - Tim Edgeler

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