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Virtual Conference & Award Ceremony

Vive Broadcast Studio / December 2020


Production of a full conference and awards program. Consisting of a continuous 13 hour broadcast, incorporating over 35 remote presenters.


All the conference speakers were remotely situated across the country, and required an easy to use system to enable them to partake in their presentations.


Full speaker rehearsals were carried out with every speaker in advance of the conference, and careful 1:1 management of contributors meant that it was a seamless production from start to end.

We produced the full 13 hour broadcast within our London event studio, which incorporated live facilitation on stage, linking to all presentations which were carried out over remote links. A full schedule of sessions running throughout the day meant careful planning of speaker remote links had to be undertaken.

All remote links were captured into our broadcast system, and configured in such a way that delegates were blown away by the professional and slick way the conference ran - far removed from the standard zoom conferences they had been used to.


"All of the feedback we have had was that the live stream from yourselves for both the conference and the awards was outstanding - most said that it was the best laid out conference that they had seen during this period of virtual everything. The whole way through you were so accommodating and always positive about it all. There is no doubt in my mind at all that without you guys and your extended team we would not have had an event at all."


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