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Virtual Team Home Away Day

100% REMOTE / March 2021


To create an engaging and rewarding virtual team away day based around wellbeing and getting to know each other.


To bring together two teams within two very large high profile companies, where many team members have joined since the pandemic and so have never met in real life. And to ensure the day was worthwhile and meaningful for everyone.


We created a complete event branding identity to separate this event from the day-to-day work. The sense of recognition and cohesiveness started before the day of the event, with personalised invitations being sent to all participants, and incorporating out team into the clients internal communication systems in order to facilitate some simple pre-event tasks.

During the day there was a mix of organised activity, optional activity & group activity. Some screen based & some not. We worked hard to weave in options to suit individuals preferences and home-working set up.

The morning was focussed on wellbeing and WOW workshops, and the afternoon was centred around teambuilding and bring everyone together. All participants received a goodie pack containing a bespoke gourmet lunch, and optional cocktail kits to join in the post event drinks.

We had brilliant and consistent engagement throughout the day, and the user generated feedback word cloud at the end of the event was a perfect summary of the day - showing that all our objectives had been achieved.


"It has been an absolute pleasure! Thank you so so much - I've learnt some invaluable things from working with you."

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