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Virtual UK Awards Ceremony

Pre-recorded & Live Green Screen Studio / August 2020


To create a virtual awards ceremony that met audience expectations of a premiere event, whilst fulfilling all sponsor & stakeholder objectives.


With this being the start of the first virtual awards ceremony 'season', this was a steep learning curve for both the us and client team. We took this head-on with passion and of course through research & testing!


We created an event solution in which pre-recorded footage for the awards was interspersed with live social media interactions from the live hosts. Utilising professional green screen studios and film crews, the awards category host was recorded in high quality, in a covid safe way. This content was interlaid with all the award category graphics, and allowed the show to be fully proofed and signed off by all stakeholders prior to broadcast.

The broadcast was facilitated via our studio in our Scotland HQ, with a low latency live video link from the green screen studio in London, for the truly live sections. Full 2 way communication between all remote teams, including live video foldback was facilitated via our systems, and allowed a seamless production.


"It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Vive! It was a really great event and testament to all of the hard work and hours you have put in. We have had so much brilliant feedback from the audience, so we are very happy!"

See a video highlights from the awards below:

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