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We had the honour of providing full production support for  the illustrious Autosport Awards, the apex of recognition within the motorsport industry. Held on December 3rd at the opulent Grosvenor House Hotel in London, the evening was a celebration of excellence, innovation, and sheer passion for motorsport.


As the pinnacle of recognition within the motorsport community, we took great pride in orchestrating an unforgettable evening that celebrated the remarkable achievements and contributions of individuals and teams across the globe. Combining meticulous design, event production and management, the event unfolded across three distinct areas - The Forecourt, Assembly Foyer and Great Room.





Inside the Great Room, the main awards ceremony unfolded with a display of technology and creativity. Dynamic LED screens were suspended above the stage, showcasing imagery of each driver, bringing the achievements of the finalists and winners to life with vibrant colours and captivating designs.  The stage itself, with its innovative diamond design, extended into the audience, creating an immersive experience that brought attendees closer to the heart of the action. 

Photos - Autosport Awards

The forecourt served as the grand entrance for esteemed guests and media alike, with a red carpet reception setting the stage for the evening's festivities, as well as displaying two Formula 1 cars.


Meanwhile, in the assembly foyer, the spotlight shone on the next generation of talent as finalists for the AMABA Young Driver of the Year award were showcased alongside their MSV car, embodying the spirit of aspiration and promise that drives the industry forward.

In addition to event production itself, we also designed the branding for the awards, drawing inspiration from the speed and dynamism of motorsport. Our team created screen graphics and printed artwork that encapsulated the event's energy, which was showcased throughout the venue. 

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