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For the last few years we have taken on the challenge of producing the MFG Tradeshow, a dynamic event gathering 1,100 attendees including MFG staff, contract managers, and suppliers at the Coventry Building Society Arena.


Our objectives were clear: to facilitate meaningful interactions between MFG's store managers and suppliers, while establishing the event's prestige and accessibility. With a focus on removing barriers to attendance and coordinating the complex logistics of 60 suppliers, we aimed to create an environment conducive to networking and business exchange. Our solution involved strategic venue selection, comprehensive event communication through a bespoke web-based app, and meticulous onsite execution to ensure smooth operations and maximum engagement.





Our meticulous project management and attention to detail ensured the event's success, with seamless pre-event communications, efficient setup, and positive feedback from exhibitors on the organization and layout. But our involvement extended beyond logistical coordination; we also took on the task of designing the event branding, which has become a signature element rolled out across multiple years. From the sustainable and digitally-focused venue branding to the innovative use of technology like QR codes for interactive engagement, our holistic approach ensured a memorable and impactful experience for all attendees, setting a new standard in trade show excellence within the industry.

Our event branding for the Motor Fuel Group Tradeshow has evolved over three years, maintaining consistency in design elements like color schemes and typography. Reflecting MFG's brand identity while capturing the essence of the event, our cohesive aesthetic ensures brand recognition and continuity across all touchpoints.

Photos - StudioFlamingo

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